No Spring, Good Thing

We are missing out on spring. Everybody is moaning about it. Time to list all the positive aspects this has for you (and me). After all, the proverbial silver lining on the clouds is easier to see when there are clouds. Wouldn't you agree? Join me in enjoying the spring that never was.

The first thing that comes to mind when you say spring is usually spring cleaning. If you are like me a bit lazy on that score, then you will see the positive in having no spring immediately. It follows that there is no spring cleaning to do. Who, after all, ever heard of winter or summer cleaning? Therefore, case settled, winter this year will go into summer directly and save me a lot of cleaning pain.

If you belong to that superhuman species of people who like cleaning, the positive lies in the bad weather. With no cause to go out, you can clean inside to your heart's content. Two or three times if you want. Just as long as I don't have to do it.

You are allowed to let your car, motorcycle, and bicycle run dirty, because nobody notices that anyhow. No sun means that the telltale coating of dust and grime goes undetected for so much longer. And just think about it, it will be weeks until the neighbors start complaining about you not mowing your lawn.

Instead of going out shopping for spring clothes and spending your money on stuff you only wear once, you can stay at home and play video games. With the right guy, that can be most absorbing and much more satisfying than shopping.

The time change in spring normally virtually kills me. That missing hour on one day seems to add up every day until I am totally exhausted. This has to do with all the things you want to cram into a good spring day on top of what you do anyhow. And the day is one hour longer now, right? With the bad weather, it is nice to go to bed early instead and there are reason for that, obviously. And breakfast in bed sounds just right to me. Please serve, but not too early.

The bad weather keeping you inside might get you to doing all the house repairs you haven't touched since last spring. If you don't do them yourself, there is the friendly plumber to fix your taps and drains. I could think of several other nice handymen coming in handy in many ways, too.

And no spring, no outbreak of hormones. A situation which can be very good for your relationship, if you are in one at the moment. If you aren't, it just might keep you from entering the next catastrophe with open eyes while on a testosterone high.

You see, it is all good. No spring is really a good thing.

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